Webelos span both 4th and 5th grade, with the first year working on the Webelos Badge, and the second pursuing the Arrow of Light award. Any Scout joining for the first time in 5th grade will earn Webelos first, and then move on to the Arrow of Light.

But what does that mean? Webelos are where the Cubs start learning about how to be a Patrol – their uniform switch is both practical – by 4th grade, they’ve outgrown their Tiger-era shirt – and symbolic – they’re learning, and acting, in a new way. Webelos will still work with the pack, but will have 1 or 2 camping trips on their own, or with a Scouts BSA Troop. They’ll work with a Den Chief and start learning the Patrol Method. Along with building fires, land navigation, camping skills, and hiking, they’ll also learn about citizenship, planning, and leadership.

Parents have a big challenge these 2 years – your help is needed, but it’s going to be applied a bit differently. The adults are learning how to sit down and let the Scouts lead, and figure it out – our job is letting them fail, but to do so safely. And then we help them get back to it.